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Importance of Branding
“Branding is about much more than logos, colors, and typefaces. The WSU brand consists of the feelings, memories, and expectations that come to mind when people hear or read the word “Washington State University”. We want our audiences to associate those words with a mental picture of a dynamic, engaged and forward-looking organization dedicated to making the world a better place.“(

The same is true for all of the programs offered by WSU and is particularly true for the flagship WSU Master Gardener program. Branding links the Master Gardener program to WSU, creates a consistent impression across the entire organization, enhances credibility and validity of information, helps guide random or rogue directions and makes every contributor responsible for building a shared reputation.

Official Logos
Official logos must be used on all official communication from the WSU Master Gardener program, centrally and from county offices. No other representations may be used for the organization or its units. Examples of official communication include:
· Letters
· Brochures
· Posters
· Flyers
· Correspondence
· Table Cloths

State MG Program and State MG Foundation logos may be downloaded from the MG Logos and Spirit Marks page.

Spirit Marks
Spirit marks may be used in conjunction with official logos on official communications. They cannot be used as stand-alone elements on official communications. However, they can be used for as stand-alone elements on apparel such as hats, shirts and other unofficial SWAG to show a relationship to the official WSU Master Gardener program and convey individual credibility.

Spirit marks have a very limited independent or specific use and can be used only when representing an individual volunteer but must never be used to represent the MG program without also using the official logo. In addition, with those spirit marks that include a title, the title cannot be modified and must always include the word “Volunteer” as in “Master Gardener Volunteer” to emphasize the point that Master Gardeners are indeed volunteers.

Approved MG Spirit Marks can be downloaded from the MG Logos and Spirit Marks page.

Additional Information
Using logos and spirit marks in a PDF file.

Program logos, spirit marks, and other identifiers can only be developed by CAHNRS Communications. No other signatures, marks, logos, spirit marks, or representations may be used to represent the organization or its units and divisions without the express written consent from the Associate Dean and Director of Extension.

County specific program and foundation logos and spirit marks may be ordered by contacting Gerald Steffen at

Master Gardener Program, 400 Washington St. Wenatchee, WA 98801, (509) 667-6540, Contact Us
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