Standing Committees

APPENDIX A to the ByLaws

MGFWS Standing Committees and Their Respective Responsibilities
(March 18, 2011)

This appendix to the ByLaws identifies the committee structure and the activities and responsibilities associated with each committee. Committee appointments are determined in accord with Article VI, Section 3 of these Bylaws.

A.        Audit

The Audit Committee is responsible for an annual audit of the Foundation’s financial activities. The Audit Committee is responsible for:

B.            Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is composed of the chairs of the sub-committees that select scholarship recipients, recipients of the Master Gardener of the Year Award, the Ed LaCrosse Distinguished Service Award, the Media Award, and any other such awards as may be designated by the Board. It is responsible for:

C.            Communications Committee

Note:  the chairperson shall be an officer of the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State (MGFWS). Other members of the committee shall be: one MGFWS regional vice-president, one MGFWS county representative, the MGFWS website administrator, and the editor/publisher of the MGFWS newsletter. All members will be presidential appointees.

The Communications Committee is responsible for ensuring that all forms of MGFWS communications (both internal and external), provide appropriate and accurate information to the audiences targeted by the message to be sent.  Communications activities include:

D.            Finance Committee – Chairperson:  Treasurer

This committee is responsible for providing assistance and guidance to the Treasurer and for participating in financial decision making for acquisitions and expenditures asfollows:

E.            Legislative Committee

This committee is responsible for maintaining a constructive relationship with the Washington State Legislature as relates to funding for the WSU Master Gardener Program. Its responsibilities include:

F.        Nominating Committee

This committee is responsible for securing a slate of Board Officers to administer the business of the Foundation.  Responsibilities include:

G.            Search for Success

This committee is responsible for organizing and managing the Search for Success program in preparation for each annual advanced education conference. Responsibilities include:

H.         Fundraising Committee

This committee oversees MGFWA fundraising initiatives for in support of the statewide WSU MG program, including acting as liaison to and cooperating with the WSU Foundation in joint fundraising efforts when appropriate.  Its responsibilities include:

I.            Advanced-Education Conference Site-Selection Committee

This committee is responsible for organizing and managing the selection of sites for WSU/MGFWS Advanced-Education Conferences. Its responsibilities include: