Seeds For Thought

Seeds for Thought, The Quarterly Newsletter of MGFWS

In February, May, August and November of each year we publish a newsletter containing information about the organizational activities of the Foundation and articles of statewide interest.

Call for Articles:

You are invited to submit articles for the next issue. Some ideas for submissions might include:

We at the state foundation hope that you will take this opportunity to publicize your program’s activities!

Kathleen Eaton
Interim MGFWS President

Newsletter Publisher: Erin Landon,

The Regional Vice-Presidents are the Reporters for the Newsletter. Submit proposed content either to a Regional Vice-President or to the publisher noted above.

VP Metro Vacant
VP Northwest Linda Berquist
VP Peninsula Candice Gohn
VP Southwest MaryJo Christensen
VP Eastern Kathy Brenberger

The Newsletter is distributed electronically, via the MGFWS ListServ. To “Subscribe” to the MGFWS ListServ, email your name and email address to the website administrator. If at any time you wish to “Unsubscribe” from the MGFWS ListServ, send a request including your name and email address to the same email address.

Current and past issues of the Newsletter also may be downloaded by clicking on the dates listed below.

Guidelines for Submission:

  1. Content should be of interest to Master Gardeners around the state, or, at a minimum, to Master Gardeners on your side of the state
  2. A good newsletter should have a mix of long and short articles, so articles of varying lengths are encouraged.
  3. The MGFWS will try to publish all articles, etc., but it retains the right to determine that some submissions cannot be used. The Executive Committee of the state foundation has this responsibility.
  4. The author must be amenable to minor editing and to correction, if necessary, of punctuation, spelling, and grammar. If significant editing is necessary, the MGFWS editor/publisher will work with the author to arrive at an article that both agree can be published.
  5. The MGFWS generally produces a newsletter that is eight or nine pages long. If the foundation has more content than space, the MGFWS may publish the submitted material at a later date.
  6. We like to have photographs to accompany an article. If individuals are part of the photograph, we must have their permission to publish the photograph in the newsletter. We will also need their names and the name of the photographer. Permission from the photographer to use the photograph in the newsletter also needs to be secured. Please send photos in the highest-resolution format that you can—1 to 4 MB is ideal.

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“Our Mission is to support best practices and advanced education for Master Gardeners in Washington State.”