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Master Gardener e-Newsletter, Volume 10

  • November 2017 Congrats to Snohomish County Master Gardeners!, CE Opportunities, 2018 Extension MG Coordinators Conference
  • October 2017 Online Training, Grant Opportunities, CE Opportunities
  • September 2017 State MG Advanced Education Conference, New Publications, MG Coordinators National Resource Page
  • May 2017 Governor’s Proclamation- WSU Extension MG Week May 21st, A’Key Grant Opportunity, Sharing Success at State MG Conference, New Master Gardener of WA State website
  • April 2017 Welcome New Program Coordinators, State MG Conference Registration Open, Statewide Program Coordinators Meeting, Master Gardener Foundation of WA State News
  • March 2017 Updated Pesticide Training and Information, Updated WSDA Herbicide Brochures, State MG Conference Website and Video, Clinic Survey Talking Points
  • February 2017 State Report Information, Congratulations to the Snohomish County MGs! (International SFE Award Winners and AAS Award Winners), New Invasive Species App, MG CE Opportunities Galore
  • January 2017 State Report Information, International Master Gardeners Conference, Online Training Information, Sign up to Receive CAHNRS News

Master Gardener e-Newsletter, Volume 9

  • December 2016 Congratulations to Spokane Co. MGs! (International SFE Award Winners), New Stinkbug App, 2017 International Master Gardener Conference registration now open.
  • October 2016 EMG Motivators Survey, Online Training Information, CE for MGs
  • September 2016 Welcome new Program Coordinators, MGs Giving Advice on Edible Plants, CE for MGs
  • August 2016 National EMG Coordinators Conference, Clinic/Event Count Sheets and Event Log Sheet, CE for MGs, Publication Updates.
  • July 2016 National EMG Coordinators Conference, Clinic/Event Count Sheets and Event Log Sheet
  • April 2016 June Ellensburg Meeting (Hotel Info), Statewide MG Webinar, Directory of Extension Faculty Expertise, New WSU President, A’Key Grant Opportunity
  • March 2016 Save the Date June Meeting in Ellensburg, PNW Pest Management Handbooks, Year of the Pulses
  • February 2016 State Report, Important Online Training Information, Pollination and Pollinator Protector Video, MGFWS Seeds for Thought Newsletter
  • January 2016 State report, new Volunteer Development Specialist, Online training information, Instructors for annual training

Master Gardener e-Newsletter, Volume 8

  • December 2015 Online training information, Garden template available, new Interim MGFWS President
  • November 2015 Online training information for all-year trainers, New diagnostician in Pullman, National Extension MG Coordinators Conference
  • September 2015 MG Program Coordinators Meeting, State Conference, First Detector Training Recording, CE Opportunities for MGs
  • August 2015 MG Program Coordinators Meeting, First Detector Training Recording Available, New Publications, Remembering President Floyd
  • July 2015 State MG Advanced Education Conference, New Resources Available for MGs, First Step Evaluation Materials Needed
  • June 2015 Evaluation Materials Needed, A’Key Grant Opportunity, State MG Awards and Presidential Awards, Stink Bug Wanted Dead or Alive
  • May 2015 State MG Awards and Presidential Awards, May Seeds for Thought, Invasive Pests to Watch For
  • April 2015 MG Program Coordinators Meeting, State MG Advanced Conference, Updated CE Policy 
  • March 2015 Welcome new MG Program Coordinators, Hiring Retired WSU Employees, Paying for Trainees Online Registration Fees, New Tree Resource for MGs
  • February 2015 Avian Influenza Outbreak in WA State, State MG Program Facebook Page and Twitter Account, Rain Barrel Water for Vegetable Gardens
  • January 2015 QR Code for Website, Delusional Infestation Article, Salmonella and E. Coli Found at Farmers Markets

Master Gardener e-Newsletter, Volume 7 

  • December 2014 Recorded Webinar on WSU Gardening Website, Online Training Instructions for Trainees, National Extension Master Gardener Coordinators Conference Presentations
  • November 2014 Webinar on WSU Gardening Website, Updated Volunteer Handbook, Growing Groceries Workshops, Snohomish County Wins AAS Award
  • October 2014 October Webinar, Training Activities for No-Show Speaker, MG Application Questions Answered
  • September 2014 Copyright policies, National Extension MG Coordinators Conference, MG Training for New WSU Gardening Website
  • August 2014 Master Gardener Injury Reporting, Tomato and Turf MD Apps, South Korean Master Gardener Conference
  • July 2014 State MG Advanced Education Conference, Minor Volunteer Consent Form, Search for Excellence National Recognition Program for MGs, Food Preservation Training
  • June 2014 June Coordinators Meeting, Mind Mapping, Clinic Questions, Civil Rights Policies, Submit to CAHNRS News
  • May 2014 June Coordinators Meeting, Civil Rights Policies and Procedures, Foundation/Extension Template MOA
  • April 2014 June Coordinators Meeting, 100th Anniversary of Extension, Governor’s Proclamation
  • March 2014 Volunteer Satisfaction Survey, MG Coordinators Meeting in June, Pest Sightings
  • February 2014 Webinar, Volunteer Satisfaction Survey, Publications Updates, Faculty Update, Emeritus Certificate
  • January 2014 2013 State Report, MG Coordinators’ Survey, Upcoming Workshops, Pest Sighting

Master Gardener e-Newsletter, Volume 6

  • December 2013 2013 State Report, Insurance, Training DVDs, New and Out of Print Publications
  • November 2013 Annual Training Registration Process, WSU Copyright Pemission Request Form, September Conference Evaluation for Master Gardeners
  • October 2013 Statewide MG Coordinators webinar, October 2, “Copryright and the Internet,” Postings to State Website and New Publications
  • September 2013 Coordinators’ Meeting, Pest Sightings, Webinars,  and Diagnostic Forms
  • August 2013 Conferences, Coordinators’ Meeting, Pest Sightings and New Resources
  • July 2013 Coordinators’ Meeting at State Conference, Resources and Webinars
  • June 2013 Welcome Nicole Martini, Interim WSU MG Program Leader; Coordinators’ Conference, Ellensburg, June 20-21st; 2013 WSU-Master Gardener Advanced-Education Conference, Everett, Sept. 26-28; WSU Extension listserv for home garden pests; American Community Garden Association Annual Conference, Seattle, Aug. 8-11; URLs for individual Hortsense pages
  • May 2013 New website; May 2 Webinar: Progress of the upgrade of the website and how the MG program links in; Vole Management in Home Backyards and Gardens
  • April 2013 Statewide MG Coordinators webinar, April 4; “Healthy Gardens, Healthy Youth” webinar, April 10; New Resources; Places to go
  • March 2013 State MG Coordinators’ Webinar on Handling Volunteer Background Checks, March 7; National EMG Coordinators’ Discussion, March 20; Invasive Weed Postcards for clinics, offices; National Extension Conference on Valunteerism, May 20-23; State MG Coordinators’ Conference, June 20; Vegetable poster
  • February 2013 Webinars for Program Coordinators; June 20th meeting for State Coordinators
  • January 2013 End of Year Reports; Online training tech and software requirements for MG online training; MG online training DVD available for Veterans; MG Coordinators’ SharePoint site; Next Coordinators’ Webinar, January 10; WSU Offices Closed 12/24-1/1

Master Gardener e-Newsletter, Volume 5

  • December 2012 2013 online training, Marijuana and MGs, The Case for least toxic pesticides and “Put the Child First”
  • November 2012 End of Year Report for MG Coordinators; Presentations at the National Extension MG Coordinators Conference; New page on MG Program website for online diagnostic help; Facebook recommendations and policies for MG programs; 12,000 Rain Gardens Campaign; Managing and Resolving Conflict webinars; National Extension Conference on Volunteerism
  • September 2012 September dates,Coordinators’ meeting on Sept 24th, Scholarship for attendance at Coordinator Meeting and/or National Conference, GrowSmartGrowSafe approved as WSU MG resource, New training required for coordinators/volunteers, Conflict Management webinars
  • August 2012 Upcoming Webinars, WSU State MG Advanced Education Conference, WSU Annual Program Coordinators’ meeting, National EMG Coordinators’ Conference, Display on growing vegetables or fall/winter vegetable gardening
  • July 2012 Upcoming Webinars, State MG Advanced Education Conference, National Conference pre-function for WSU MG program coordinators, Weed ID information, Webinar Series on Climate Change
  • May/June 2012 Upcoming Webinars, Spotted Wing Drosophila, USA Blight program, Rain Gardens in schools, State and National Conference dates
  • April 2012 Upcoming Webinars, New day for Statewide MG Coordinators’ Webinar, Fun Things to Know and See, Copyright, The Internet and MG Volunteers
  • Spring 2012 2012 Program Coordinators Handbook, Reports for 2011, Pest Management Agreement Forms, Upcoming Meetings, Resources to know about.
  • February 2012 Program Coordinator Training Series, National Extension MG Coordinator online discussions, WSU MG Coordinators online discussions (webinars)
  • January 2012 WSU MG Program Coordinator Definition, Monthly webinar discussions, Archived webinars/e-newsletters, National eXtension MG Coordinator Webinar, Free Online Publications, Tree Finder resource, Green Times e-newsletter, Best Wishes in 2012

Master Gardener e-Newsletter, Volume 4

  • December 2011 2012 Online Training,
    End of Year Reports, Snohomish County Master Gardeners, Online Teaching and Learning Workshop
  • November 2011 Webinar dates, Volunteer certificates and Pins, MG fundraising campaign, County program strategic planning
  • October 2011 Next Coordinators Webinar Date, Annual Program Coordinators Meeting, End of Year Reports, WSU MG Campaign, Resources for Coordinators and Clinics, Trivia, Thanks to….
  • September 2011 Meetings for MG Program Coordinators, Send copy of your clinic diagnostic form to Puyallup, New vertical MG banner available, Programs and Resources, See you at the WSU MG Advanced Education Conference!
  • August 2011 Friday Aug 5th Program Coordinators’ webinar, Upcoming webinars of interest, Annual WSU MG Conference
  • June 2011 New MOA page on MG website, Statewide Coordinators Webinar July 8th, Social Media Webinar, State MG Foundation Newsletter, State and International MG Conferences, Handling Negative Feedback
  • May 2011 MG Program Coordinators’ Webinar, Volunteer Hours Database, Research Working for You Webinar, The National Extension MG Coordinators web conference, 2011 WSU Master Gardener Advanced-Education Conference, Illinois Researcher requests help from MG volunteers, Insect Identification Short Course, 12,000 Rain Gardens Campaign
  • April 2011 Archived MG Coordinators’ webinar for April 1, Radiation Information Sources, Dr Linda Kirk Fox Goes to Georgia, Volunteer Database Addition, Dates to Remember
  • Spring 2011 Online Training and DVDs for interns/veterans, MG Certificates and Pins, Resource for Plant Clinics, Dates to Remember
  • February 2011 Important Dates, DVDs of Online Training, Scholarship for faculty, staff or volunteers, Resources for MG program management, Updated material on MG website
  • January 2011 Research Working for You Webinar, 2011 online Training DVDs, First webinar for MG faculty and program coordinators, Invitation to help draft Continuing Education policy, National Ext MG Coordinators online discussion, Welcome to new Plant and Pest Diagnostic eNetwork Coordinator, New Resources for MG clinics, Great Ideas from Cohorts, State MG Advanced Education Conference, Intl MG Conference in West Virginia

Master Gardener e-Newsletter, Volume 3

Master Gardener e-Newsletter, Volume 2

Master Gardener e-Newsletter, Volume 1

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