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The MG “Program Coordinator” title belongs to anyone with the
responsibility of managing volunteers in the WSU Extension MG program. Whether you are an Extension educator, an office manager, or a volunteer, you will find this series helpful in understanding all aspects of volunteer program management.

There are 4 sections in this training series. Each section is comprised of
10-15 minute modules designed to allow you to start and stop at any time and view as many times as you wish. The training modules are intended to be viewed in order.

For a complete list of modules refer to the PC Training Index. pdf

The creation of this training series was a collaborative effort by:

Tonie Fitzgerald – Content development and project oversight
Cinde Johnson – Content research and technical production
Elizabeth Typhina – Presentation design and photographer

Additional Credits
Photos: Christine Byrnes, Ayisha Hendrix, David Jarvis, Irina Kopaneva, Chenwei Liang, Marina Martin, Cameron Moody, Alex Neelon, Austin O’Neil, Kathryn Stilwell, Meghan Utzman, Chris Waiting, Daniel Watson, Heather Wilson, Jennifer Whitney, and Zheng Zhu

Voices: Carolyn Clark, Dorothy M Detlor, Tonie Fitzgerald, Gary Ingram, Cinde Johnson, Brigitta Jozefowski, Christian Jozefowski, and Doug Nadvornik

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