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Written Agreements for Master Gardener Activities

Written Agreements with Other Organizations

When WSU Extension is working with an external organization (non-profit or otherwise), a written agreement will be needed if goods and services are exchanged, which would include the use of land, facilities, meeting space, office equipment, etc., by either party. Generally, there are four circumstances listed below that will require a formal written agreement if Master Gardeners undertake an activity.

Please access and complete the form that best fits your project. After doing so, you need to complete the required cover page and email both documents to Jim Kropf, Master Gardener Program Leadership Team,, who will review and assist in processing the agreement. Required Contract Review Sheet (CRS) for Foundation/Extension Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) and Real Property Request Form (RPRF) for Demonstration Gardens MOAs.

Note a CRS is not required for a demonstration garden MOA. Demonstration garden MOAs require a RPRF for processing.

Real Property Request Form Template (Use to fill out a RPRF to process a demonstration garden MOA)

Contract Review Sheet Template (Use to fill out a CRS to process a WSU Extension and MG Foundation MOA)

**Please submit a redline version of the MOA (as well as a final copy) that shows the edits to the original template for review by Jim Kropf and the Contracts Office.

  • Memorandum of Agreement, or MOA, between WSU Extension and another organization (including non-profits), such as an MOA between an Extension office and a county MG foundation. This is initiated by WSU Extension when WSU Extension will be providing use of meeting space, office equipment, storage space or other goods and services in return for financial and other support from the non-profit or other organization. The MOA is necessary when using state resources on a regular basis or if there is an exchange of services that needs to be recorded in some manner. An example of this kind of agreement is the Master Gardener MOA Template on the WSU Contracts webpage at
  • MOA between entities for long-term land or facility use, such as between two or more entities for (A) using land for a Demonstration Garden or, (B) a greenhouse for growing plants. These documents define who is responsible for providing services, utilities, payments, liability, etc., and provide assurance for accessing the land or facility. Examples of these agreements are (A) the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden Template and (B) the Facilities Use Rental Agreement for Long-term or Recurring Use (even if rent is free). Both are found on the WSU Contracts webpage at
  • Facility Use Agreement for short term events, such as between two or more entities for a one-day tour, a one-time event, or a multi-day conference. Usually restaurants, libraries and schools do not require this type of agreement, but other property/facility owners do. An example of this agreement is the Facility Use Agreement (Short-Term) on the WSU Contracts webpage at
  • Right of Access for land use that is short term. This form is to be used when accessing someone’s private property for a specific, short-term or one-time purpose. An example would be an agreement for accessing someone’s property for a plant ID tour. An example of this agreement is Right of Access Agreement Template on the WSU Contracts webpage at

Liability Waiver for non-WSU Volunteers

This “assumption of risk” form is to be used whenever WSU Extension MGs have non-WSU volunteers helping at a Master Gardener event or activity. It is not for clientele who are attending an event. It is for people who are helping MGs at an event, such as a family member or friend of a current volunteer who is helping MGs set up a fair booth, work in a demo garden, lead a tour, etc.

Although the warnings may seem strong, in order to have a valid assumption of risk, the person signing must know the risks they are assuming.

One critical point: no current authorized WSU volunteer or employee should sign this – it is not appropriate for anyone who would be covered by Labor and Industries and could put WSU in violation of that statute.

Liability Waiver for adults over 18 years of age.

Minor Volunteer Consent Form for those under 18 years of age.

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