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We are your neighbors and members of your communities. Our Programs and Priorities inform our efforts to shape healthy communities and a healthy planet. We are actively engaged in teaching research-based gardening and environmental stewardship practices.

50 years, 50 states

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Our Priorities

Master Gardener teaching a group of people about drip irrigation.

Communities across Washington State face numerous environmental and horticulturally based challenges.

Learn more about our priorities.

Our Programs

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Since 1973, Master Gardeners have been developing Programs to address the evolving needs of our communities.

Learn more about our programs.

Join Us

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When you become a WSU Extension Master Gardener volunteer you meet people with similar interests, learn research-based gardening practices and serve your community.

Learn how to become a Master Gardener.

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Garden Resources and Techniques

Hortsense is a compilation of fact sheets for managing common landscape and garden plant problems.

Pestsense fact sheets outline IPM strategies including cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical methods.

Gardening in Washington State is a collection of peer-reviewed gardening publications.

General Gardening, WSU Extension provides a selection of downloadable gardening publications.

The USDA Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location.


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The Evergreen Thumb Podcast is brought to you by Washington State University Extension Master Gardener program volunteers and sponsored by the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State.

Join us as we invite expert horticulturists, seasoned Master Gardeners, and passionate plant enthusiasts to share their wisdom, practical tips, and hands-on experiences. We’ll cover everything from plant selection and care, sustainable gardening practices, organic pest control, and landscaping design to tackling common challenges specific to our region.

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Help advance the mission

You will support a greener, healthier Washington when you give to the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program Endowment.

The WSU Extension Master Gardener Program is raising money to establish the first ever faculty chair fully dedicated to the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program.

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Advanced Education Conference

The WSU Advanced Education Conference is sponsored by the Master Gardener Foundation of State Foundation and produced by the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program. The conference provides significant WSU-approved Continuing Education to statewide Extension Master Gardener volunteers who serve our communities here in Washington State.

The WSU Advanced Education Conference is open to the public, and all gardening enthusiasts are invited to attend.

The 2024 conference will be held virtually in September.


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