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Our Priorities inform our efforts

The WSU Master Gardener Program addresses important sociologic and environmental issues by teaching research-based horticulture information. We want people to have important skills and abilities that help mitigate challenges and to understand that everyone has a role to play in creating and sustaining healthy and resilient communities.

Healthy people, healthy planet diagram.

Priorities collage.
Climate change priority icon.

Climate Change

We teach ways to create resilient landscapes that are adapted to our changing climate.

Clean water priority icon.

Clean Water

We promote integrated pest management to minimize polluted runoff.
Clean water impact

Water conservation priority icon.

Water Conservation

We promote water-wise gardening and landscaping practices to conserve water. Water conservation impact

Soil health.

Soil Health

We encourage building healthy soils to prevent depletion and ensure the long-term viability of local food security & natural resources. Soil heath impact

Pollinators priority icon.


We teach ways to help native bees and other pollinators thrive in home and community landscapes. Pollinator health impact

Local food priority icon.

Local Food

We promote sustainable techniques to growing local food to improve individual & community health and wellness. Local food impact

Plant biodiversity.

Plant Biodiversity

We promote stewardship of diverse ecosystems through invasive species management, native species conservation and restoration in landscapes.

Nearby nature priority icon.

Nearby Nature

We seek to increase access to plants, green spaces, and public landscapes to benefit the health & well-being of all members of our communities.

Wildfire preparedness priority icon.

Wildfire Preparedness

We teach landscaping principles to reduce the risk of loss due to wildfire.