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Climate Change resources for teaching, presentations, and displays

WSU Extension Master Gardener Program volunteers teach sustainable techniques for growing local food to improve individual & community health and wellness.

WSU/EMG Approved Presentations


The Resilient Yard

Battling Climate Change at Home

Synopsis: Presentation for homeowners who want to know what simple steps they can take in designing and maintaining their yard to battle climate change. The presentation is broken down into sections on climate change, lawn maintenance, garden bed design & growing veggies.

Approximate run time: One hour


Protect our Pollinators

from the Effects of Climate Change

Synopsis: Presentation for homeowners to help them understand the importance of adding pollinator plants to their garden beds and the positive effect this has for native pollinator species.
Designed as both a stand-alone presentation and one that could also be a follow-on to “The Resilient Yard” above for either a longer presentation or a return engagement.

Approximate run time: One hour

Preview of PowerPoint slide.

Vegetable Gardening with EASE

Synopsis: One hour presentation covers why it helps the climate if you have a home kitchen garden and then walks through climate friendly ways to undertake vegetable gardening

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General Climate Change Presentations

Planning & Promotional Resources

Other helpful resources

Continuing Education for Master Gardeners

Climate Change ‘Core Concepts’ Created by WSU Professor Craig Cogger, these ten short videos give a good overview of the topic from a climate science perspective.


Climate Change logic model (.pdf)

Climate Change survey (link to Qualtrics)
Short link to survey:

Climate Change survey questions for review (.pdf)

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Climate Change survey half-page handout (.pdf)

Evaluation tools

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Knowledge learned fillable worksheet

Introducing Program Evaluation Tools to Volunteers (.pdf)

Presentation Approval


Compiling Presentations from across the state. We are continually expanding our library so that you can have the best selection of the most relevant topics. We welcome presentations targeted at any of our nine Program Priorities: Clean Water; Climate Change; Local Food; Nearby Nature; Plant Biodiversity; Pollinators; Soil Health; Water Conservation; Wildfire Preparedness

Submit to receive ‘WSU EMG APPROVED’ badge. If you have a presentation on one of these topics and you want it APPROVED, the process does require a bit of work. But, it’s worth it to ensure you ‘get it right’. Follow the link below to understand all you need to know about the ‘WSU EMG APPROVED’ process.

Join the Climate Action Team (CAT)

Do you want to become more involved? The Climate Action Team meets monthly to review progress on active projects; promote ideas for new projects; and seek project leads to move those ideas to active projects.

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