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Climate Action Teams

As a group, we are concerned about Climate Change and how it is affecting the planet. We are banding together, across the state, because Climate Change is such a large issue, it requires us all to pull together as one. As Master Gardeners, we are defining the path where we can offer relevant information, packaged into programs that are consistent with the Master Gardener mission and priorities. We want to make an impact in such a way that the Master Gardener Extension Program is regarded as a key resource in the fight against Climate Change.

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Upcoming meetings:

When the group meets:

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We have monthly meetings. One hour, Wednesdays at 5:30pm on the Wednesday deemed to be closest to the middle of the month. In the meetings, we review progress on active projects; promote ideas for new projects; and seek project leads to move those ideas to active projects.

Get Involved:

You can’t spell CATs without an ‘A’ for ‘Action’!

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Give a Climate Talk

To amplify our voice, we are creating a state wide library of climate related presentations that have been reviewed and ‘WSU EMG APPROVED‘. These presentations are available for any EMG to learn, so download and present in your county!
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Take the Lead

Nothing happens without someone raising their hand and agreeing to herd some CATs!

Here’s projects in need:
Youth Gardening
Clinic Kits for Climate Change
Plant Sale Merchandising
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Spread the Word

We need more CATs from YOUR county:
Talk to your Speakers Bureau and find speakers willing to add a Climate Change Talk to their repertoire.
Look for EMGs in your county who have an interest in Climate Change, and get them to join us.

Check out what we’re up to:


Throughout this site there are links to documents of various file types.
Please contact our Statewide Program Leader if you require this information in a different format.