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Trees and shrubs publications

Bumblebee on spirea.

Trees and shrubs

Backyard Forest Stewardship in Eastern Washington – EM028E

Backyard Forest Stewardship in Western Washington – EM026E

How Are Hydrangea Flower Colors Determined? – FS309E

Native and Nonnative Trees and Shrubs – Impact on Landscape Wildlife – FS300E

Ornamental Trees for Narrow Spaces – EM096E

Planting Trees and Shrubs in the Landscape – FS047E

Propagating Deciduous and Evergreen Shrubs Trees Vines with Stem Cuttings – PNW152

Propagation of Plants by Grafting and Budding – PNW496E

Propagation of Plants from Specialized Structures – PNW164

Roses in Washington State: Planting Roses – FS166E

Roses in Washington State: Rose Care Calendar – FS164E

Selecting Plants for Screens and Hedges – EM089E

Urban Tree Canopy in Washington State – EM107E

Pests and pest management

Backyard Fruit Tree Spray Schedules | WSU Tree Fruit | Washington State University

Biochar: A Gardener’s Primer – FS147E

Black Walnut Tree Allelopathy – FS325E

Bronze Birch Borer – EB1380E

Butterfly Bush – EB2007E

California Fivespined Ips – A New Pine Engraver in Washington State – FS085E

Cherry Bark Tortrix – FS155E

Identifying, Treating, and Avoiding Azalea and Rhododendron Problems – EM091

Leaf Reddening – Causes and Treatment – FS209E

Lecanium Scale – FS009E

Organic Fungicides – FS128E

Organic Soil Amendments in Yards and Gardens – FS123E

Pesticides: Learning About Labels – FSIPM001E

Pesticides: Safe Handling – FSIPM002

Pest Management for Grapes in Washington – EB0762

Environmental challenges for trees and shrubs

Drought Tolerant Landscaping for Western Washington – EM087E

Environmental Injury: Cold Temperature Injury of Landscape Woody Ornamentals – FS196E

Environmental Injury: Frost Cracks – FS199E

Environmental Injury: Sunscald and Sunburn on Trees – FS197E

Environmental Injury: Winter Burn of Evergreens – FS239E

Protecting Water Resources: Planting and Caring for Home Wetlands – FS091E

Recognizing Sapsucker Damage on Your Trees – FS057E

Roses in Washington State: Common Disease and Insect Problems – FS246E

Viburnum leaf beetle – FS202E

Vole Management in Home Backyards and Gardens – FS094E

Why Do Leaves Turn Red? – FS209E


Pruning Equipment for Home Gardeners – FS131E

Reasons to Prune Trees and Shrubs in Home Gardens – FS182E

Seasonal Foliage Loss in PNW Conifers – FS056E

Tree Health Assessment – FS055E

Tree Topping: A Practice to Avoid – FS061E

Other related publications

Mycorrhizae: Understanding How They Work and Learning How to Protect Them – FS269E