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Vegetable gardening publications

Looking for squash bugs.


Home Vegetable Gardening in Washington – EM057E

Carrots – FS118E

Cucumbers – FS096E

Dry Beans – FS135E

Eggplant – FS149E

Garlic – FS162E

Green Beans – FS088E

Green peas – FS116E

Onions – FS097E

Peppers – FS220E

Potatoes – FS165E

Quinoa – FS258E

Radishes – FS127E

Squash – FS087E

Sweet Corn – FS104E

Tomatoes – FS145E

Vegetable Grafting: Eggplants and Tomatoes – FS052E

Vegetable Grafting: Eggplants and Tomatoes (Spanish) – FS052ES

Vegetable Grafting: The Healing Chamber – FS051E

Vegetable Grafting: Watermelon – FS100E

Vegetable Grafting: Watermelon (Spanish) – FS100SE

Wasabi – PNW0605


Biochar: A Gardener’s Primer – FS147E

Garden Fertilizer Calculator – FS342E

Inorganic Fertilizers for Home Garden Vegetables and Fruits in Central Washington – EM070E

Organic Soil Amendments in Yards and Gardens – FS123E

Washing Plant Tissue Samples for Mineral Nutrient Analysis – FS134E

Pests and pest management

Insect Answers: The Cabbage Maggot in the Home Garden – FS010 E

Leaf Reddening – Causes and Treatment – FS209E

Organic Fungicides – FS128E

Organic Management of Flea Beetles – PNW640

Pesticides: Learning About Labels – FSIPM001E

Pesticides: Safe Handling – FSIPM002

Physiological Leafroll of Tomato – PNW616

Vole Management in Home Backyards and Gardens – FS094E

Garden infrastucture

Floating Row Covers – FS089E

Growing Food in Parking Strip and Front Yard Gardens – FS115E

Portable Field Hoop House – EM015

Raised Beds – Deciding if they Benefit Your Vegetable Garden – FS075E

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