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Guidelines for Extension logo use

Be a Brand Ambassador

For more than 130 years, Washington State University
has unlocked possibilities by empowering students,
faculty, and the rest of the WSU family to create a world where all people can thrive.

We’re proud to promote a brand that speaks to the
power of WSU’s mission and the possibility the future
holds. By applying our new brand standards, you’ll help communicate the distinctive look, feel, and voice that will help you stay true to the WSU story.

WSU Cougar Head logo

General Branding Guidelines

All WSU Extension employees and volunteers who
use branded materials are expected to comply with
the guidance outlined for the entire WSU system:

Washington State University – WSU Brand Guidelines

Important logo considerations include:

  1. Using WSU’s logos and marks exactly as provided.
    They may not be altered in any way.
  2. Always adhering to the clear space rules when
    attempting to incorporate or combine WSU logos
    with other marks, symbols, or graphics.
  3. Understanding and implementing the WSU identity
    system. Developing or creating new program or
    other identity marks that are not part of the system
    will be discouraged.
  4. Displaying secondary or spirit marks properly.
    They should only be used to complement the core
    logo and should never be used without a Cougar
    head present.

Questions about branding may be directed to Gerald
Steffen, CAHNRS Communications Creative Manager:

WSU Central Marketing and Communications has
final authority over any logo issues.


County Extension Logo Lockup

The primary horizontal lockup has three
components that are always together, united to
clearly and consistently register the brand:

  1. The Cougar head
  2. WSU Extension wordmark, and
  3. A single line dividing the two.
    The relationship of these items and their
    proportions are fixed (locked up) and cannot be
    independently changed or altered.
County Extension Logo lockup example; divider line separating Cougar head on left and Extension & county on the right.

When using the logo, allow proper clear space around the logo and other objects or text. Clear space is about the size of the “U” in the Cougar head.

Minimum logo size is 1.5″ or 150 pixels wide.

County Extension Logo lockup showing clear space guidelines.

Generally, all brand users are encouraged to ‘brand up’ whenever possible. That means considering the Washington State University logo first. It is never wrong to use this approach.

Brand Up example; county at bottom, extension in middle and WSU at the top.

When in doubt, brand up!


WSU Extension Programs

WSU Extension program names should be displayed using typography only. A WSU Extension logo or a county specific logo will accompany the text.

Example bookmark showing program name at top and Extension or county logo at the bottom.

County locations and program names will no longer be available in the same lockup.

Example to not use county location and program in same lockup.

For branding clothing or other promotional items, a program name may be added provided the logo clear space rule is honored.

Branding example with Cougar head on left, WSU Extension and county name on right, with Master Gardener Program above.
Branding example with Cougar head above WSU Extension and county name with Master Gardener Program below.
Branding example with Cougar head above WSU Extension and county name on right, with Master Gardener Program on the right.

Getting the New Logos

WSU Extension and Extension county logos are available for
download from the following websites:

WSU extension logo example cougar head above WSU Extension.WSU extension logo example cougar to left of WSU Extension with divider between.

EPS files of Extension logos:
Downloads – Washington State University (

JPG and GIF files of Extension logos:
Logos & Templates | CAHNRS Marketing and Communications | Washington State University (

Extension county logo example for Adams County.Extension county logo example for Prosser Irrigated Agriculture REsarch and Extensipn Center.

EPS, PDF, and PNG files of county Extension logos and R&E Centers: coming soon!
Logos & Templates | CAHNRS Marketing and Communications | Washington State University (

For business cards, letterhead, envelopes or other printed materials:
Logo Request – Design and Printing Services (